Bustan Al Madina

Gulfaar's Building Material Import and Export wing-Bustan al Madina is specialized and focused in providing the construction sector of UAE with world class building materials like Commercial Steel, Steel Bars, Wood, Hardware Products, Power Cables and Wires, Wire Mesh and lot more.

Bustan al Madina has played a premium role in the development, modernization and evolution of UAE's Architecture and Construction Field. With a hundreds of industrial projects and immaculate support by our respectful patrons, we have carved a niche in UAE's Architecture ann Construction segment.

Bustan al Madina came into inception as a multifaceted business conglomerate, with a mission to deliver highest quality services and products worldwide and marched miles with a wide vision to have the preeminent resources collectively in quality and quantity. We believe that people forge us what we are. We have been striving hard with utmost sincerity and dedication to create a professional and ethical environment for the mankind, where they could evolve personally and professionally alongside the organisation. We in a group represent the idea of 'unity in diversity' by possessing the people from diverse backgrounds and culture with a single minded purpose of growing along with others. We treat our distinguished customers with dignity, trust & transparency and also welcome their thoughts and proposals in the most respectable mode. To us relationship is imperative than business and all our deals are personal rather than professional. We presume that long term relationships are built in transparency and hence we follow an informal, but disciplined and effective methodology. In all our actions as a group and as individuals, representing this group we maintain integrity, trust and honesty in all our deeds both with the customers and our stake holders. With our extreme ability and determination, we always consider challenges as opportunities and try to get the most out of it. As I conclude, I promise with utmost loyalty, integrity and commitment that all our customers would experience the warmth of personalisation in all the services we render which makes us different from the enormous crowd of world market.

Anwar Sadath CEO,
Gulfaar Business Corporation

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We care a leading Recruitment Partner offering premium services to individuals as well as various organizations in India and G.C.C (Gulf Cooperation Council). Our expertise lies in placing candidates in various domains and industries we operate in.



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We respect our customers, employees, our business partners, society and all other stake holders. We show consideration for one another. We respect each other's differences. We treat everyone with dignity.


We strive to earn the confidence of our customers through our quality products and services which will lead to customer loyality and referral. We trust each other in the company by displaying highest levels of integrity in our dealings and working together as a cohesive team


We excel in everything that we do through innovation, creativity and superior product differentiation that sets us apart from the competition and drive our growth.


We care for our people - our customers by offering quality products which meet their needs. Our sfaff by promoting a culture of openness and providing opportunities to grow in a friendly atmosphere; our society by bein a responsible corporate citizen.

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